Everyone in the SMB universe wins when sales and marketing play well together. You need to bridge the gap between marketing analytics and sales results to get everyone on the same page. Make sure that:

  • You invest in a marketing program for lead generation.
  • Your digital presence is optimized to attract your best customers.
  • Sales and Marketing efforts target the same customers.
  • Your B2B sales force has the skills and training to sell consultatively.
  • Sales ready leads are delivered to the sales team.
  • You have a nurture program to develop loyalty and stay top of mind.
  • You evaluate each step the of funnel with integrated metrics.
  • You  test and fix what doesn’t work.
  • You eliminate marketing tactics that no longer pay dividends.
  • You turn your customers into evangelists with outstanding service.

Get sales and marketing aligned with targeted marketing, improved lead quality, a shorter sales cycle, and outstanding customer service. Close the loop with Zoho CRM, Zoho Campaigns, Zoho Survey, Zoho Sales IQ, and Zoho Support.

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