Your CRM Team is a B2B consulting firm that specializes in sales and marketing process. We help businesses define tactics and implement systems to profitably build profitable customer relationships. Experienced in CRM implementation since 1999, we are a Zoho Alliance Partner and Zoho Advanced Solution Provider.
Your CRM Team Experts
The team is made up of Lindsay Garrison (Chief Problem Solver), Dan Sissors (Senior Guy), and a dynamic team of specialists whose expertise we enlist on an as-needed, per-project basis. Thus, our company is comprised of between 2 and 30 people, depending on specific project demands and phases of the moon. This lets us build the right team for each project we undertake.

Lindsay Garrison
Lindsay Garrison, Chief Problem SolverIn addition to ninja-level problem-solving skills, Lindsay Garrison is a Zoho CRM Certfied Consultant and is certified in Email Marketing (MECLABS) and Inbound Marketing (Hubspot). Lindsay launched Your CRM Team (formerly On the verge, inc.) in ’99, when CRM was glorified contact management and folks mostly wanted an electronic rolodex.

As business’ needs evolved, so did our firm. We shifted our focus from software implementers to accomplished business consultants. Lindsay’s skills in needs assessment, process and workflow analysis, database development, and sales and marketing tactics have help hundreds of SMB’s become more successful. When she’s not helping her clients build empires, Lindsay is busy doing crafty things or messing about in the garden.

Dan Sissors
Dan Sissors, Senior GuyDan Sissors, Ph.D., has a doctorate in microbiology. Which, frankly, we don’t get much call for at Your CRM Team. But, he’s got mad tech skills (and was smart enough to have married the boss) so when he took early retirement from serving corporate overlords he was a shoe-in for the Senior Guy position.

Dan focuses on database customization and web development; he swears he writes his guitar blog on his own time. When he’s off the clock, Dan will be found either working on his sci-fi novel or hanging out with one of his guitars (7) mandolins (2), a banjo (1), ukuleles (4), or harmonicas (we’ve lost count).

The technology we recommend to our small and medium business clients is Zoho. We have three main reasons for our exclusive focus on Zoho services:

It’s better for our clients.
It’s more fun for us to work with.
Zoho Corp. has a great story.

It’s good for our clients
Zoho has solutions that work for pretty much any small or medium sized business. We know that Zoho won’t fit every need – so we focus on those SMBs who are a great fit. We supported multiple CRM solutions from 1999 until 2014, when we decided to exclusively support the Zoho platform.

Zoho enables our clients to build an integrated business system from 25+ software services – entirely on a single platform. In addition, if clients have existing ERP or proprietary systems they rely on, they can use API’s and other integration tools to connect with Zoho services.

Some of our current clients are defectors who realized 1) they hated being locked into annual contracts, 2) they had been overpaying for software, and 3) the software was more complicated to use than it should be. We have other Zoho clients who have migrated from Act!, MS CRM, FileMaker, or Goldmine. They got tired of frequent software upgrades, costly installation charges, “break/fix” service calls, and maintaining expensive infrastructure. Many of our clients were already Zoho enthusiasts when they contacted us.

In each case, there is no infrastructure to maintain. Users access their apps from a tablet, smartphone, or laptop. There is no charge for upgrades. Product upgrades simply appear, as if by magic. It’s a fairly frequent occurrence to log in and see small interface tweaks, major feature improvements, and entirely new system capabilities.  All at exactly the same price.

It’s more fun for us.
Telling clients it will cost them a bucket of money to buy and install software updates is the opposite of fun. We found we spent more time dealing with software bugs and hardware incompatibilities than helping drive business growth.

Now we support one great platform that rolls out inline upgrades several times a year, at no additional cost. We no longer cringe when the phone rings. We know it won’t be about an issue that requires an upgrade to fix.

We help clients onboard their subscriptions and brainstorm optimal sales and marketing systems. Many subscribers have fairly simple needs and set up their systems on their own, or with minimal help. Others, with more complex requirements, engage us to help design and implement an integrated business solution.

Want to know more? Contact us here. Or call 781-606-0433 and ask for the Chief Problem Solver.