Your CRM Team is among the first consulting firms to adopt a fixed-price model and service guarantee. Based on our years of experience, we became convinced that billing by the hour is not in our customers’ best interest. Buying “time” is an arbitrary measure that has nothing to do with a successful result. We believe the value of our work is determined by the results we deliver. In other words, we’ve insured that our financial success is tied to the success of our customers.

You are the final arbiter of our value in helping you to achieve your goals: We guarantee that as a customer of Your CRM Team you will receive cost-effective services delivered in a timely manner. While we cannot guarantee outcomes (after all, we’re not the boss of you) we do guarantee your satisfaction with our service. If at any time we do not perform to your satisfaction, we ask that you inform us promptly. We will then resolve the issue to your satisfaction, even if it means reducing our fees.

However, we’re not completely crazy . . . So, we have to be very picky about our customers and how we work with them. Our fees are based on achievable results that we define together – along with your ability and desire to make changes. If we can’t identify significant value and benefits – or if we don’t believe we are the right fit to provide a superior outcome – we won’t recommend that you proceed.

If you have a workgroup of 5 to 100 and you’re ready to grow your business, we should talk.

Contact us here. Or call 781-606-0433 and ask for the Chief Problem Solver.